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Welcome to We are Justice

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Welcome to We are Justice – a publication that showcases some of the interesting and diverse work of Department of Justice employees.

Our Department has close to 5,000 employees working from coast to coast to coast. They are part of a proud tradition of upholding Canadian values that dates back more than 140 years.

Whether their focus is on policy work, litigation, the provision of legal advice, drafting legislation or delivering programs, communications, or financial, human resource or management support services, Justice employees share a commitment to excellence.  Our dedicated, diverse and professional work force plays an integral part in providing a broad spectrum of services that help to ensure Canadians enjoy a fair, accessible, and efficient justice system, now and in the future.

The pride, dedication and excellence that Justice employees bring to their work is truly inspiring. We are Justice provides you with an opportunity to find out what working for Canada's Department of Justice is all about.

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Deputy Minister