Legal Aid Research Series Court Side Study of Adult Unrepresented Accused in the Provincial Criminal Courts Part 1: Overview Report

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Figure 5.7 Variation in Time Per Case/Appearance by Type of Representation Case Appearances Directly Observed in Non-trial Courtrooms: Median/ 75th Percentile Time (minutes) per Case/Appearance by Type of Representation at Appearance: by Site
Representation at Appearance St. John’s Halifax Bathurst Sherbrooke Scarborough Brandon Edmonton Regina Kelowna
Self-represented 2/434/8 2/3 4/7 ½ 1.5/2 n/a 1/1 2/4 2/4
Duty Counsel 4/123n/a 6/7 1/2 n/a 2/4 n/a 1/3 2/62 3/6
Private Counsel (including duty counsel, agent or paralegal for private counsel) n/a3,43/63/103,43/7 2/35 3/6 5/10 2/4 n/a 1/2 2/61,22/3 2/5


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