Strolling Away


This project is dedicated to the "now not so young people" that are featured in both studies. It is through their strength, commitment and energy that this project has become a reality. I am honored that I was able to spend time with each of you. You have no idea how powerful an experience it was to sit with you nearly ten years after I saw you at the most vulnerable time of your life. Thank you for providing me with the ending to such a painful yet significant story.

It is important to understand that people can survive the abuse experienced as youth. As abuse of this magnitude and longitude does not disappear, society must understand, accept, support and act compassionately in response to hidden scars. As individuals who have or are being sexually exploited through your involvement in prostitution, you have provided vital information about prevention, integration and reintegration. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas and will work hard to have those in positions of power and authority listen. The 38 individuals involved in this research represent a collective total of 260 years of knowledge of the trade. We must listen to you.

In honor and dedication to the spirit of Ms. Adventure.

Dr. Susan McIntyre

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