Strolling Away


From 1991 to 1992, I researched the sexual exploitation trade in downtown Calgary. My goal was to observe and interact with this population in order to investigate the relationship of sexual abuse to a person’s involvement in the trade.

With the realization that retrospective, longitudinal information on prostitution did not exist anywhere in Canada "or the world", I made the decision in the year 2000 to track as many of the original interviewees from the 1991-1992 research to determine if they were still involved in the trade or if they had exited from the street.

  • Section 1 summarizes the 1991-1992 research, "The Youngest Profession – The Oldest Oppression".
  • Section 2 outlines the development of the retrospective research, "Strolling Away".
  • Section 3 reviews the data analysis methodology, demographics and major findings from "Strolling Away".
  • Section 4 provides an analysis of the data in the form of concluding discussions complete with related recommendations.
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