Peace Bonds and Violence Against Women: A Three-Site Study of the Effect of Bill C-42 on Process, Application and Enforcement


The author would like to acknowledge the research assistance of Jill Cameron, David MacDonald and Stella Chiasson. The interviews were transcribed by Sandi Cole-Pay and Lindia Smith. This project, of course, would not have been possible without the participation of key interview respondents who deal with peace bonds in Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. Special thanks to Dr. Jane Ursel at the University of Manitoba and Lisa Murdock at RESOLVE who combed through the Winnipeg Family Violence Court database and the Winnipeg Police information system. The Halifax and Winnipeg police services, and especially Gary Sutherland and Verona Singer were most cooperative; without their involvement this study would not have been possible. Denis Riou, at CPIC, and Craig Grimes at CCJS were also very helpful. Thanks also to Nicola Epprecht and Christine Wright for facilitating this research and for securing access to agencies, statistics and other documents.