Exploring the Link between Crime and Socio-Economic Status in Ottawa and Saskatoon: A Small-Area Geographical Analysis

Figure 7.8 - Aboriginal Residents by Identity, 2001 Census

Figure 7.8 The is a map of Saskatoon showing the neighbourhoods of the city. The shaded areas are those that have a high proportion of aboriginal residents in 2001. They concentrate mostly near downtown and also to the north and the west.

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The map shows the percentage of Aboriginal residents in each neighbourhood in Saskatoon in 2001. Neighbourhoods with the lowest percentage of Aboriginal residents (0% to 5.0%) are highlighted by a peach colour, neighbourhoods with a low percentage of Aboriginal residents (5.1% to 10.0%) are highlighted by pink, neighbourhoods with a moderate percentage of Aboriginal residents (10.1% to 20.0%) are highlighted by a dark pink, neighbourhoods with a high percentage of Aboriginal residents (20.1% to 30.0%) are highlighted by orange and neighbourhoods with the highest percentage Aboriginal residents (30.1 to 50.0%) are highlighted by red.

The map demonstrates that the areas with the highest rates of Aboriginal residents are seen in the West side of the city. However, the majority of neighbourhoods in Saskatoon contain less than 5% Aboriginal residents.

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