2011-2016 Action Plan for the Implementation of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act


The Action Plan has three strategic objectives:

5.1. Entrenchment: Justice in official languages

The entrenchment of justice in official languages echoes the Department’s first strategic outcome. The Action Plan proposes an approach for integrating section 41 in the organizational culture of the Department.

5.2. Integration: Increasing knowledge

Departmental officials working in various areas of activity must be familiar with the issues specific to Canada's Anglophone and Francophone minorities. Knowledge development generally involves three aspects:

From a base of empirical knowledge about the issues specific to Canada's Anglophone and Francophone minorities, the Department defines the results to be achieved and the measures to be taken. Therefore, questions concerning justice in official languages will increasingly become part of the Department's management policies and practices.

5.3. Convergence: Mobilizing the justice in official languages stakeholders

The Department’s initiatives are implemented in conjunction with federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, regional and non-governmental stakeholders. The Department of Justice is able to play a leadership role with stakeholders working in justice.