Departmental Action Plan for Official Languages 2017-2022

6. Objectives

The Department of Justice intends to continue the programs and initiatives set out in its Department Results Framework (DRF), including the transfer payment programs, based on Government of Canada priorities and imperatives. In this respect, the Department will pursue the following objectives:

  1. Continue to provide leadership in the administration of official languages programs and sub-programs within the Department.
  2. Continue to ensure compliance with Part III of the OLA relating to the administration of justice.
  3. Continue to provide exemplary service to the public (OLA, Part IV).
  4. At offices in regions designated bilingual for language-of-work purposes (New Brunswick, NCR, Eastern Townships, Gaspésie, Outaouais, North East Ontario), continue to maintain a departmental culture that promotes the use of both official languages and a work environment where employees feel comfortable using the official language of their choice (OLA, Part V).
  5. Continue to ensure that employees from other federal institutions can use the official language of their choice when receiving services from the Department of Justice (OLA, Part V).
  6. Continue to offer second language training and skills retention opportunities to employees of the Department.
  7. Continue to provide English-speaking Canadians and French-speaking Canadians with equal opportunities for employment and advancement and work towards an equitable participation of both language groups within the Department (OLA, Part VI).
  8. Ensure that the language requirements of positions to be staffed are established objectively based on the duties to be performed under Parts IV and V of the OLA (OLA, part XI, section 91).
  9. Ensure implementation of section 41 of the OLA by:
    • creating awareness among Justice employees of their obligations under section 41;
    • integrating section 41 into the Department’s organizational culture; and
    • collaborating and consulting with partners, particularly OLMCs, as well as other federal institutions and other levels of government, in matters pertaining to the development and application of positive measures.
  10. Ensure accountability to various federal authorities and the Parliament of Canada.

These objectives will be achieved through the Action Plan activities.

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