Forum on Vulnerable Young Francophones in Minority Communities

11.4. Appendix 4: Forum evaluation form

  1. Type of participant (check the appropriate box):
    • Community organization representative
    • Federal government department or institution
  2. I work:
    • At the national level
    • In the following region:
      • Pacific and Territories
      • Prairie
      • Ontario
      • Quebec
      • Atlantic

  3. Please provide your quantitative evaluation of the following items by checking the appropriate box.

    Scale: 1= not satisfied, 5= very satisfied

    Items evaluated 1 2 3 4 5
    a) Information received prior to the forum          
    b) Informal discussions during the forum          
    c) Daniel Sansfaçon opening remarks          
    d) Information messages          
    e) The morning sub-group discussions during which participants introduced their organizations and communities          
    f) The afternoon sub-group sessions during which participants discussed initiatives that could be implemented          
    g) Afternoon plenary session          
    h) Information messages presented by the federal institutions          
    i) Forum location: meal, room          
    j) Facilitation of the day          

  4. My recommendations for follow-up to this forum are:

  5. Please provide your qualitative evaluation of the following items. (Use other side of sheet if necessary.)
    • 5.1 To what extent were the forum's objectives achieved?
      • Enable federal institutions to better understand the needs of vulnerable young Francophones living in minority communities who are at risk of becoming involved with the justice system.
      • Enable representatives of community groups to better understand the mandates and programs of federal institutions in this area.
      • Give representatives from federal institutions and community groups the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations and initiatives that could be implemented to reach these clients.
    • 5.2 What did I like the most about this forum?
    • 5.3 Here are some suggestions for improving the next forum, if necessary:
    • 5.4 Other comments:
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