Forum on Vulnerable Young Francophones in Minority Communities

5. Sub-group discussion methodology

The participants were divided into four regional sub-groups – Pacific and Territories, Prairies, Ontario, Atlantic – and a national sub-group to enable the stakeholders to better understand and develop collaborative arrangements as close as possible to the field. The national sub-group also studied relevant aspects of a public policy framework in this area.

The following questions were used to guide the sub-group discussions.

Sub-group discussions regarding forum objectives 1 and 2:

  • Who are we? (Mandates, structures, presence in the field, etc.)
  • What do we do? (Field activities, successes, challenges, etc.)

Regional sub-group discussions regarding forum objective three:

What can we do together to help vulnerable young Francophones in our region? (Projects to pursue, new projects to implement, new partnerships to create, etc.)

National sub-group discussions regarding forum objective 3:

  • To what extent are risk factors for delinquency among young people from the majority community the same as those that affect young people from Francophone minority communities?
  • What needs to be done differently in a majority as opposed to a minority situation?

The following questions triggered discussion at the plenary session:

  • Are there areas of commonality?
  • Are there similar issues? Issues that apply only in one situation?
  • What follow-up measures could the federal institutions take? What follow-up measures could the communities take?
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