Forum on Vulnerable Young Francophones in Minority Communities

8. Follow-up recommendations

The evaluation form was designed to enable participants to present potential follow-up measures at the end of the forum. The agenda included the time needed for further individual thought.

8.1. Potential follow-up measures suggested by community representatives

In all, 18 of the 21 community representatives who completed the evaluation questionnaire suggested potential follow-up measures.

All respondents indicated that following up on the forum was essential. They thought the forum was successful mainly because of the active listening that occurred. Five potential follow-ups were proposed:

  • Conduct an environmental scan – eight comments: according to these participants, it was necessary to know the current situation in Francophone minority communities with respect to vulnerable youths. This is a new issue in communities and research is needed to understand the situation, determine whether differential factors exist and propose follow-up measures.
  • Broaden participation in the working group – six comments: these participants indicated that the federal government had to keep playing a leadership role in this initiative. They proposed that the national working group be expanded to include other federal institutions, such as Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Health Canada and the Correctional Service of Canada. Two people suggested that community representatives also participate in the working group.
  • Organize regional or local meetings – 6 comments: these participants suggested that similar regional or local meetings be organized, as required. They proposed expanding the level of participation by including young people, families, police, some provincial departments and municipalities, in addition to professional community stakeholders.
  • Involve new partners – 2 comments: in addition to the existing stakeholders, two participants suggested having family literacy groups and religious organizations participate in prevention efforts.
  • Create a national inventory of best practices – 2 comments: this directory would include general good practices in crime prevention and best practices in Francophone minority communities.

8.2. Potential follow-up measures suggested by government representatives

In all, 12 of the 18 government representatives who completed the evaluation questionnaire suggested potential follow-up measures. Four potential follow-ups were proposed:

  • Develop a national action plan – 6 comments: the Justice and Security Network should develop an action plan and set dates in light of the discussions and the forum's follow-up recommendations. This should ultimately lead to the adoption of a national strategy for coordinating and monitoring the various local, provincial and national initiatives.
  • Circulate the meeting report – 5 comments: the report will be sent to participants, but it is also important that it be sent to decision makers and practitioners in government institutions to ensure follow-up to this forum. The report should also be sent to other federal institutions that should participate in the Network.
  • Invite other federal institutions to participate in the working group – 4 comments: the day's discussions enabled the participants to understand that the issue of vulnerable youth and prevention requires the participation of certain other federal institutions. Health Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and the Correctional Service of Canada were mentioned.
  • Hold future meetings – 4 comments: It will be important that an action plan include regional meetings followed by another national meeting. It would be important to plan regional consortiums that could bring Francophone stakeholders together.
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