Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter
(No04 | February 2012)

Highlighted Events

Federal-Provincial-Territorial Working Group on Access to Justice in Both Official Languages

This Working Group constitutes the governmental consultation body which focuses, among other things, on issues related to the Criminal Code linguistic provisions. Besides the representatives from the departments of justice of all the jurisdictions in the country, this group also includes provincial and territorial representatives from the Francophone Affairs as well as the Public Prosecution Service of Canada.

Date: February 17, 2012
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Information: jelo@justice.gc.ca

Ontario Justice Sector Francophone Stakeholders’ Meeting

The Francophone Stakeholders’ Meeting is an annual event that gathers Justice Sector divisions and agencies with the Francophone stakeholders to continue the work undertaken together. It provides an opportunity to present divisional activity and progress reports, establish priorities for upcoming years and create partnerships. This year, the meeting will focus on the work and progress carried out by both Justice Sector ministries over the last 12 months. It will also mark the accomplishments of the first year of the Ontario Justice Sector Strategic planning on French Language Services - cycle two (2011-2015).

Date: March 1-2, 2012
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Information: mirjeta.dhamo@ontario.ca

Advisory Committee on Access to Justice in Both Official Languages

The Committee’s next meeting will focus on the emerging issues related to access to justice in both official languages. The Committee includes governmental and non-governmental representatives.

Date: March 16, 2012
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Information: jol@justice.gc.ca

Training Sessions for Provincially Appointed Judges

French training for provincial court judges, an initiative set forth by the New Brunswick Provincial Court, is offered by the Centre canadien de français juridique and is intended for bilingual judges who would like to improve their knowledge of legal French and their ability to manage legal activities in French.

Date: May 27-June 1, 2012 or October 21-26, 2012
(Training sessions on Legal French)

Date: June 10-14, 2012
(Advanced training session on Legal French)

Location: Caraquet, New Brunswick

Information: annie.grant@gnb.ca or allain.roy@institut.cipanb.ca

2012 Training Calendar for the Centre canadien de français juridique

Clerks Crown
Calgary March 23*      
Edmonton   March 2* March 23* March 9**
Halifax   February 17* February 24* March 14**
Iqualuit February 24*      
Moncton   March 16*   March 16**
Regina     March 5* March 30**
St. John's February 17*      
Saskatoon February 17*      
Vancouver     February 24* February 8**
Whitehorse March 2*      
Winnipeg   March 9* March 2* February 10**
Yellowknife March 23*      

Information: http://www.ccfjinc.ca/english/