Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter
(No06 | September 2012)

Capsule 41

Michèle Vincent, Coordinator responsible for the implementation of section 41 of the Official Languages Act for the Department of Justice Canada in Alberta.

Biographical notes

Picture of Michele Vincent

Michèle was called to the Bar in 1994 after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Law degree at the Université de Moncton. After beginning her litigation career in private practice, Michèle worked as a legal counsel for the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta and then joined the Department of Justice Canada in 2001. She currently works as a Legal Counsel within the Civil Litigation and Advisory Services branch of Edmonton’s prairie-region office.

Her role as Coordinator

Active within Alberta’s Francophone community for several years, Michèle has been working as a departmental Section 41 Coordinator since 2009. As Coordinator 41, Michèle’s main responsibility is to maintain ties with representatives from Alberta’s Francophone community organizations. She regularly attends activities hosted by the Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Alberta and the Association canadienne-française de l’Alberta, where she takes the opportunity to promote the Department’s programs and initiatives.

Did you know?

Although she was the daughter of a unilingual French mother, Michèle spent her elementary and high school years in English schools, because Francophones at that time did not have access to French schools, and immersion schools were only available in certain cities. To help her to hold on to her mother tongue, Michèle chose to do her university studies in French at the University of Alberta’s Campus St-Jean, where she studied art, and at the Université de Moncton, where she received her law degree. She is proud that her three children can receive a French education and also have the opportunity to be comfortable as Francophones in a majority English environment.


If you have questions about the implementation of section 41 in Alberta, or if you wish to invite Michèle to attend an activity, don’t hesitate to contact her!

Michèle Vincent
Telephone: 780-495-4071
Email: michele.vincent@justice.gc.ca

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