Evaluation of Public Legal Education And Information: An Annotated Bibliography


This annotated bibliography digests academic literature, government documents and program reports regarding the evaluation of public legal education and information (PLEI). In collecting materials for review, emphasis was placed on the Canadian PLEI context and materials that have been produced over the last five years. Following a general overview of each document, the annotations are organized into four prevalent themes: (i) challenges to PLEI evaluation; (ii) connections between goals of PLEI and its evaluation; (iii) challenges of funders evaluation requirements; and (iv) evaluation methodologies. In addition, the report highlights ideas and approaches to evaluation, a variety of challenges that impede PLEI assessment and a number of research and knowledge gaps in the area. Given the multi-faceted challenges facing PLEI evaluation, few comprehensive evaluations of programs and materials exist. Moreover, little attention has been paid to discussing and ameliorating these challenges. Where applicable, the bibliographic entries identify which elements in the documents are directly useful to PLEI evaluation. These useful tools can serve as guidelines for an evaluative framework. Depending on the nature and objectives of the evaluation, these tools will be helpful for developing standards as well as in methodology design.

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