The Legal Problems of Everyday Life - The Nature, Extent and Consequences of Justiciable Problems Experienced by Canadians

Figure 16: Percent of Respondents Reporting a Health or Social Problem By Number of Justiciable Problems

Figure 16 is a three dimensional bar graph that illustrates the percentage of respondents reporting a health or social problem according to the number of justiciable problems they reported. The x-axis displays the number of justiciable problems the respondents reported in the three year period: one, two, three, four, five, six and seven or more. The y-axis represents the percentage of respondents in each category that reported a health and safety problem. It ranges from 0 to 80. The bars increase in size as the number of justiciable problems increase in number. Accordingly, the bars increase in the following order: One problem (18.7%), two problems (36.0%), three problems (41.5%), four problems (57.6 %), five problems (67.7%), six problems (61.6%), seven or more problems (78.5%).