The Legal Problems of Everyday Life - The Nature, Extent and Consequences of Justiciable Problems Experienced by Canadians

Figure 17: Percent of Respondents With a Favourable Perception of the Law and the Justice System by Number of Justiciable Problems

Figure 17 is a three dimensional bar graph that illustrates the percentage of respondents with a favourable perception of the law and the justice system according to the number of justiciable problems they reported. The x-axis displays the number of justiciable problems the respondents reported in the three year period: none, one, two, three, four, five, six and seven or more. The y-axis represents the percentage of respondents in each category who indicated they strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement that the laws and the justice system in Canadian society are essentially fair . It ranges from 0 to 80. The bars increase in size as the number of justiciable problems increases in number. Accordingly, the bars increase in the following order: No problems (72%), one problem (67.7%), two problems (66.9%), three problems (62.7%), four problems (58.5 %), five problems (57.8%), six problems (54%), seven or more problems (40.3%).