Children Come First: A Report to Parliament Reviewing the Provisions and Operation of the Federal Child Support Guidelines - Volume 1

Description of figures

Figure 1: How the Award was Determined

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Figure 2: Parents’ Views on the Federal Child Support Guidelines’ fairness to children

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Figure 3: Relationship of the Award to the Table Amount, by Disposition of the Order

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Figure 4: Relationship of Child Support Award to the Table Amount, by the Presence or Absence of a Spousal Award Amount

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Figure 5: Proportion of Contested Cases Decreases Over Time

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Figure 6: Proportion of Original Orders, Judgments, and of Variations that were contested, by year of judgment

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Figure 7: Proportion of Contested Cases by Type of Custody

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Figure 8: Methods Mediators Use to Deal with Special Expenses in Arriving at an Agreement

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