Evaluation of the B.C. Family Maintenance Enforcement Program's Pilot Outreach Project

The consultant would like to thank the following for their assistance with this research:

  • Jim Sturrock, Department of Justice Canada.
  • Members of the Evaluation Sub-Committee
    • Louise Riley, B.C. Family Justice Programs Division, Ministry of Attorney General
    • Colin Millar, Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, Ministry of Attorney General
    • Cathy Tait, B.C. Family Justice Initiatives Project
    • Neil Reimer, B.C. Corporate Planning Division, Ministry of Attorney General
  • Wendy Dittaro (Enforcement Manager) and Susan Hamilton of the Pilot Outreach Project.
  • Peggie-Ann Kirk who assisted with the file review and telephone interviews.
  • Raincoast Business Centre for their help in preparing the final document.

Funding of this project by the Federal Government is gratefully acknowledged.

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