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Final Evaluation



Survey of Recalculation Services
Family Justice Services Western

Survey person reads attached text to all potential participants and then obtains their consent to participate.

Introduction / Consent

Hi, my name is underline and I am with a private research company, IHRD. We have been contracted by the provincial and federal governments to study the recalculation of child support. Your name has been provided to us by Family Justice Services Western as a person who has either paid or received child support under an order with a recalculation clause. We would like to interview you about your experiences, the purpose to see what impact recalculation has had on you and your children. The interview should take about 10-15 minutes. Your responses will be kept confidential. Are you willing to be interviewed? (If yes) Is now a good time for you or can I call back?

Description of Recalculation

Family Justice Services Western has recently been involved in a test of the process of child support recalculation. Recalculation refers to a process where the amount of child and being paid is reviewed automatically and outside court, based on the income of the person paying support. It is intended to provide a means other than going to court, to address changes in the financial circumstances of the person paying support, or both parties in some shared custody arrangements. This review of the income of the payor is performed by a recalculation clerk, who calculates the amount to be paid, and then informs the parties in writing of the results. The courts will confirm the recalculated amounts where there is no objection, and a recalculation order is made. If there is an objection, the courts will conduct a hearing to determine the outcome.