The Child-centred Family Justice Strategy: Baseline Information from Family Law Practitioners


This project could not have been conducted without the assistance and support of many individuals and organizations. First, we would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Justice Canada and the guidance of Ms. Lise Lafrenière Henrie, Senior Counsel/Coordinator, and her colleagues at the Department of Justice Canada. The Federation of Law Societies of Canada supported the project by arranging for the consultation to take place in conjunction with the National Family Law Program in La Malbaie, Quebec.

We appreciate the guidance provided by the project advisory committee, namely: Ms. Lise Lafrenière Henrie (representing the Department of Justice Canada); Ms. Marie Gordon, Cochard Gordon (representing the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family); and The Honourable R. James Williams, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Family Division (representing the Federation of Law Societies of Canada).

We thank the following people who facilitated the workshops: Nicholas Bala, Faculty of Law, Queen's University; Julia Cornish, Sealy Cornish; Marie Gordon, Cochard Gordon; and Ron Profit, Patterson Palmer Law.

We would also like to thank the conference participants who completed the lengthy survey and attended the workshops. Their contributions were invaluable.

Finally, we thank Heather Walker for her support in organizing rooms and lunches for the workshops, and collecting completed surveys and draw prize entry forms as they were deposited throughout the conference, and Linda Haggett, for data input and word processing.

The Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family is supported by a grant from the Alberta Law Foundation.

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