Summary of Activities for the Child-centred Family Justice Fund 2003-2009

Child-centred Family Justice Fund

As a key component of the Strategy, the Child-centred Family Justice Fund supported the development, implementation, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of family justice services by provincial and territorial governments. These services included mediation, parent education and a range of court-based information and community support services designed to help parents make decisions about their children's care and work out child-focused parenting arrangements. The Fund also provided support to some non-government organizations that provided public legal education and information services, or professional training services.


The selection of projects and services supported by the Fund was guided by the following principles, as identified by the Department of Justice Canada in consultation with provincial and territorial officials:

Based on these principles, the Fund supported programs and services in the following three areas:

Funding for the Pilot Projects and the Public Legal Education and Information and Professional Training components was virtually eliminated in the first year of the Strategy as a result of a government-wide reallocation exercise. However, the funding was reinstated in 2004‑2005 and the total amount was used for the intended purposes.

Primary Areas of Activity

All activities and projects proposed by the jurisdictions had to fall within at least one of the following seven primary areas of activity (PAAs), which were developed in consultation with the provinces and territories:

The seven PAAs were reflected in three broad family justice activities—integration (PAAs 1, 2, 3 and 7), enforcement (PAAs 4 and 5)and research (PAA 6).

Contribution funding was expected to:

These direct outcomes were expected, in turn, to:

Many of the services funded under the Strategy are outlined below, beginning with those in the Family Justice Initiatives, which accounted for the highest proportion of funds. It is important to note that this is not a comprehensive list of the family justice services that existed in a province or jurisdiction. Rather, these are just some examples of the types of services that were funded. Although funding under the Child-centred Family Justice Strategy ended on March 31, 2009, many of those services may still be in effect.