Putting Children's Interest First - Federal-Provincial-Territorial Consultations on Custody and Access and Child SupportAPPENDIX C:



Completed Projects

The following projects have been completed and the reports have been or will soon be published. Some of these reports may be available on-line, and all of them can be accessed by calling 1-888-373-2222.

Forthcoming Reports

The following projects have not yet been completed. It is expected that these projects will all result in published research documents in the coming year.

Further Projects

Further research projects are in development including: a second phase project on options for addressing high-conflict divorce; a critical review of parenting plans, including a compendium of model plans in use in Canada and elsewhere; a project exploring programs and services that address children's needs to have a say in their child custody and access arrangements; an overview analysis of empirical data on the risks to children of divorce; a literature review summarizing the comparative benefits and problems associated with different types of child custody and access arrangements; and an exploratory examination of the utility of non-traditional, or focused, interventions as opposed to more traditional child custody and access assessments.