Testimonial Support Provisions for Children and Vulnerable Adults (Bill C-2):
Case Law Review and Perceptions of the Judiciary

Appendix A

Cover E-mail for Judges' Survey

The Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family (CRILF) has been contracted by Justice Canada to conduct a survey of provincial and superior court judges in five jurisdictions in Canada.  The purpose of the survey is to obtain the views of judges about the amendments to the testimonial aid provisions of the Criminal Code and Canada Evidence Act, which came into force in January 2006 (Bill C-2, testimonial support provisions for children and vulnerable adults). Your willingness to share your views and experiences would be most helpful to Justice Canada in their review of this legislation. 

Attached is a survey regarding the testimonial aid provisions contained in Bill C-2.  Also attached is a file with the relevant legislation for your information.  We would very much appreciate if you could take the time to complete the survey.  In order to complete it, please save the attached Word file to your computer.  The survey is designed to be completed in Word.  The file can then be saved and emailed back to crilf@ucalgary.ca.  If for some reason you cannot complete the survey electronically, please feel free to print a hard copy, complete it (using additional pages if necessary), and fax it back to CRILF at: (403) 289-4887 (Calgary) or toll-free at: 1-877-220-5114. If possible, please return the survey by [insert relevant date].

This survey was developed by the research team with the advice of a Judicial Advisory Committee composed of three judges from the jurisdictions being surveyed.  This survey is being conducted in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Responses will only be presented in aggregate form, and individual respondents will not be identified.  Data will be password-protected and stored on a secure computer in CRILF's main office. If you have any questions regarding the project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for your assistance with this project.