Representation for Immigrants and Refugee Claimants

Appendix 3 Interview Guide - Hearing Participants

General Introduction

At the outset of each interview, the interviewer should make it clear to each respondent that the study is being undertaken to gather information on the representation needs and services currently available to immigrants and refugee claimants. Indicate that we are interested in the respondent's perspective as someone who participates in an official capacity in hearings and interviews involving immigrants and refugee claimants. Explain to respondents that all responses will be treated anonymously and will not be linked to them in any way unless the comments are made expressly for attribution.

The identity of individual respondents should not be recorded on interview notes. Interviewers should simply indicate the nature of the respondent's position, for example, as a CRDD member, an immigration officer, an adjudicator or a refugee claims officer, etc. If interviewers want to tape interviews for their personal reference in reviewing their interview notes, they should first obtain the respondents' express consent. Any tape recordings are for interviewers' personal use only and do not form part of the documentation for the project.

The interviewer should clarify that questions are designed to gather information on the following matters:

1.  Need for Representation

The following questions are directed to eliciting the respondent's opinions with respect to the representation needs of immigrants and refugee claimants. Parallel questions are set for each of the major processes in which immigrants and refugees may be involved. Questions are directed to respondents according to the particular processes in which they are involved. In most cases, individual respondents are to be questioned only in relation to one process. However, respondents who have direct experience in more than one process may be questioned with respect to each of the processes in which they have direct experience.

1.1 Initial Interviews with CIC Officials

1.2 Refugee status determination proceedings

1.3 Judicial review proceedings

1.4 Other post-determination proceedings for failed refugee claimants

1.5 Detention review proceedings

1.6 Immigration Inquiries

1.7 Immigration appeals