Consultations on Physician-Assisted Dying - Summary of Results and Key Findings

Annex C: List of Stakeholder Consultations

Carter Interveners, Medical Regulatory Authorities, Stakeholders
Consultations with 92 representatives from 46 organizations representing approximately 749,415 members1 as well as two claimants.

Ottawa – 6 organizations; 15 representatives; representing approximately 397,044 members:

  1. Canadian Hospice Palliative Care AssociationRepresents approximately 3,000 members
    • Sharon Baxter, Executive Director
    • Tamir Virani, Communications Officer
  2. Canadian Psychological AssociationRepresents approximately 7,000 members
    • Dr. Keith Wilson, Staff Psychologist – Rehabilitation Centre of the Ottawa Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine and Psychology at the University of Ottawa
    • Meagan Hatch, Manager of Public Affairs and Communication
  3. Canadian Medical AssociationRepresents approximately 80,000 members
    • Dr. Cindy Forbes, President
    • Cécile Bensimon, Director
    • Azin Moradhassel, Senior Advisor, Government Relations
    • Louise Sweatman, Legal Counsel
  4. Canadian Nurses AssociationRepresents approximately 151,404 members
    • Anne Sutherland Boal, Chief Executive Officer
    • Josette Roussel, Senior Nursing Advisor
  5. Association for Reformed Political Action Canada Represents approximately 30,000 Reformed Christians
    • André Schutten, General Legal Counsel
    • John Sikkema, Lawyer
  6. Canadian Nurses Protective SocietyRepresents approximately 125,000 members
    • Chantal Léonard, Chief Executive Officer
    • Elaine Borg, Legal Counsel
    • Mei St-Cyr, Law Clerk

Montreal – 3 organizations; 14 representatives; representing approximately 1,225 members:

  1. Physicians' Alliance Against EuthanasiaRepresents approximately 700 members
    • Dr. Catherine Ferrier, President
    • Aubert Martin, Executive Director of Vivre dans la Dignité (Partner Organization)
    • Michel Racicot, Vice President of Vivre dans la Dignité (Partner Organization)
    • Dr. Caroline Girouard, Oncologist – Hôpital Sacré-Coeur; Assistant Professor of Medicine – Université de Montréal
    • Dr. Patrick Vinay, Former Dean – University of Montreal Faculty of Medicine; Former President – Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec; Former Director of Palliative Care – Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal
  2. MedPASS – Consists of 5 members
    • Félix Couture, M.D., C.M Candidate, Class of 2018, McGill University
    • Koray Demir, M.D., C.M Candidate, Class of 2018, McGill University
    • Michael Lang, B.C.L/L.LB Candidate, Class of 2018, McGill University
    • Zachary Shefman, B.C.L/L.LB Candidate, Class of 2018, McGill University
    • Mark Woo, M.D., C.M Candidate, Class of 2018, McGill University
  3. Association québecoise pour le droit de mourir dans la dignitéRepresents approximately 520 members
    • Georges L'Espérance, President
    • Hélène Bolduc, Founder and Past President
    • Dr. Nacia Faure, Retired Palliative Care Physician and Endocrinologist
    • Dr. Marcel Boisvert, Retired Palliative Care Physician

Vancouver – 5 organizations; 14 representatives; representing approximately 4,302 members as well as two claimants:

  1. Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – British ColumbiaRepresents approximately 225 members and member organizations
    • Dr. Williard Johnston, Chair
    • Susan House, Executive Director – Catholic Health Association of British Columbia and the Denominational Health Association
  2. Protection of Conscience ProjectConsists of 7 volunteers/staff members
    • Sean Murphy, Administrator
  3. A Network of BC PhysiciansRepresents approximately 70 members
    • Dr. Ed Dubland, Palliative Care Physician; Medical Coordinator – Burnaby Palliative Care Program; Family Physician – Collingwood Medical Clinic
    • Dr. Constant H. Leung, Family Physician – Collingwood Medical Clinic
    • Dr. Jennifer Y. Tong, Family Physician – Collingwood Medical Clinic
    • Dr. Sherry Chan, General Practitioner in Oncology – BC Cancer Agency
    • Dr. Luke Chen, Hematologist and Residency Program Director – Division of Hematology, Vancouver General Hospital and University of British Columbia
    • Dr. Margaret Cottle, Palliative care physician – Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Fraser Health Authority Home Hospice Programs
  4. BC Civil Liberties Association Represents approximately 1,000 members
    • Josh Paterson, Executive Director
    • Grace Pastine, Litigation Director
    • Howard Shapray, Partner – Shapray Cramer Fitterman Lamer LLP
    • Elayne Shapray, Assisted Dying Activist
    • Claimants in Carter v. Canada (Met Panel with BC Civil Liberties Association)
    • Lee Carter, Assisted Dying Activist
    • Hollis Johnson, Assisted Dying Activist
  5. Society of Rural Physicians of Canada – Represents approximately 3,000 members
    • Dr. John Soles, President

Winnipeg – 2 organizations; 6 representatives; representing approximately 60,000 members:

  1. Catholic Health Alliance of CanadaConsists of 12 organizations that make up 110 Catholic hospitals, community health centres, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities with over 60,000 staff
    • Michael Shea, President and Chief Executive Officer
    • Daniel Lussier, Chair – Governing Council of the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada; Chief Executive Officer – Catholic Healthcare Corporation of Manitoba
    • Gordon Self, Vice President - Mission, Ethics and Spirituality – Covenant Health in Alberta
  2. Council of Canadian with Disabilities Comprised of 17 member organizations
    • James Hicks, National Coordinator
    • Rhonda Wiebe, Co-chairperson – CCD Ending of Life Ethics Committee
    • Jim Derksen, Member – CCD Ending of Life Ethics Committee

Toronto 30 organizations; 43 representatives; representing approximately 287,484 members:

  1. Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada
    • Dr. Alika Lafontaine, Vice President
  2. Canadian Association for Community Living Represents approximately 40,000 members
    • Michael Bach, Executive Vice President
  3. Dying with Dignity Canada
    • Wanda Morris, Chief Executive Officer
    • Shanaaz Gokool, Chief Operating Officer
  4. Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionRepresents approximately 15,000 followers
    • Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director
    • Hugh Scher, Legal Counsel
  5. Canadian Pharmacists Association Represents approximately 39,000 members
    • Philip Emberley, Director of Professional Affairs
    • Joelle Walker, Director of Government Relations
  6. College of Family Physicians of CanadaRepresents approximately 30,000 members
    • Dr. Francine Lemire, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
  7. Canadian Society of Palliative Care PhysiciansRepresents approximately 350 members
    • Dr. Susan MacDonald, President
  8. Christian Legal FellowshipRepresents approximately 600 members
    • Derek Ross, Executive Director
    • John Sikkema, Associate Legal Counsel
    • Ruth Ross, Member
  9. Canadian Unitarian Council Represents approximately 5,150 members
    • Vyda Ng, Executive Director
  10. Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal NetworkRepresents approximately 120 members and member organizations
    • Richard Elliott, Executive Director
  11. Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians' SocietiesRepresents approximately 500 members
    • Dr. Thomas Bouchard, President
    • Dr. Renata Leong
  12. Canadian Association for Spiritual CareRepresents approximately 1,100 members
    • Marc Doucet, President
  13. Canadian Psychiatric AssociationRepresents approximately 4,700 members
    • Dr. Sonu Gaind, President
    • Glenn Brimacombe, Chief Executive Officer
  14. Catholic Civil Rights LeagueRepresents approximately 10,000 members
    • Christian Domenic Elia, Executive Director
    • Philip Horgan, President
  15. Canadian Civil Liberties AssociationRepresents approximately 6,500 members
    • Cara Faith Zwibel, Director – Fundamental Freedoms Program
  16. Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Comprised of affiliates including 65 Ministry Organizations, 38 Educational Institutions, 47 Denominations and approximately 7,000 local church congregations totalling approximately 2,000,000 people
    • Bruce Clemenger, President
    • Julia Beazley, Policy Analyst
  17. Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of CanadaComprised of 13 Provincial/Territorial Medical Regulatory Authorities with a combined membership of approximately 89,630
    • Dr. Douglas A. Grant, President
    • Fleur-Ange Lefebvre, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
    • Louise Marcus, Director of Professional Affairs
  18. College of Physicians and Surgeons of British ColumbiaRepresents approximately 11,361 members
    • Graeme Keirstead, Legal Counsel
  19. College of Physicians and Surgeons of AlbertaRepresents approximately 10,345 members
    • Sarah Thomas, Senior Advisor
  20. College of Physicians and Surgeons of SaskatchewanRepresents approximately 2,264 members
    • Bryan Salte, Associate Registrar and Legal Counsel
  21. College of Physicians and Surgeons of ManitobaRepresents approximately 2,682 members
    • Lynne M. Arnason, General Counsel
  22. College of Physicians and Surgeons of OntarioRepresents approximately 33,386 members
    • Dr. Rocco Gerace, Registrar
  23. Collège des médecins du QuébecRepresents approximately 22,608 members
    • Dr. Yves Robert, Secretary of the Directorate General
  24. College of Physicians and Surgeons of New BrunswickRepresents approximately 1,761 members
    • Dr. Ed Schollenberg, Registrar
  25. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova ScotiaRepresents approximately 2,477 members
    • Dr. Douglas A. Grant, Registrar
  26. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward IslandRepresents approximately 338 members
    • Dr. Cyril Moyse, Registrar
  27. College of Physicians and Surgeons of NewfoundlandRepresents approximately 1,289 members
    • Dr. Linda Inkpen, Registrar
  28. Yukon Medical Council, Government of YukonRepresents approximately 253 members
    • Dr. Michael Noseworthy, Registrar
  29. Christian Medical and Dental Society of CanadaRepresents approximately 1,700 members
    • Larry Worthen, Executive Director
    • Dr. Diane Haak, President
    • Dr. Donato Gugliotta, Vice President
  30. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of CanadaRepresents approximately 44,000 members
    • Dr. Kevin Imrie, President
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