Department of Justice Activities and Commitments Related to Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • The Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals requires a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of proposals that may have important environmental impacts and that require ministerial approval or Cabinet approval. The Cabinet Affairs Unit (CAU) is a central point of contact for Justice Canada Memoranda to Cabinet (MCs) en route for Ministerial approval. It ensures and monitors compliance with the Cabinet Directive. The CAU advises drafters of MCs of the requirement to conduct an SEA and refers them to the appropriate SD information, processes and procedures. A copy of the completed assessment is retained with the final approved MCs as part of its permanent record.
  • Department of Justice policy and program officials review MCs initiated by the Department  to determine whether an SEA is required. However, considering the nature of Justice’s policies and programs, there is seldom, if ever, any direct environmental impact.
  • The CAU also includes the SD Coordinator on the distribution list for Interdepartmental Meetings on MCs.
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