Department of Justice SD Activities/Initiatives Not Captured in the FSDS

Legal Services

  • Conduct research and legal analysis of SD principles and current issues and identify case law and best practices on the application of these principles and practices in the provision of legal services.
  • Assist legal services units that provide legal services in integrating SD considerations to their legal work through the development of SD checklists that highlight SD considerations in relation to the participants areas of law and client SD strategies.
  • Develop training sessions and promote increased awareness and discussion of SD as it relates to legal services.
  • Promote consideration of SD by legal services networks and working groups.

Policies and Programs

  • Develop guidelines and tools to foster awareness for a sustainable development culture.
  • Build capacity to integrate sustainable development into policy and program development, priority setting and other planning exercises.
  • Increase understanding and promote training among management cadre and Justice staff on the integration and relevance of sustainable development to the work of the Department.
  • Integrate sustainable development considerations in the development of new policies and programs.
  • Incorporate sustainable practices into policy planning and projects.
  • Promote and assess compliance with sustainable development tools and directives in policy and program practices.
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