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Criminal Conviction Review

You may apply for a criminal conviction review by the Minister of Justice if you believe there has been a miscarriage of justice or a wrongful conviction and you meet the criteria set out in the Criminal Code. The Minister of Justice has the authority to order a new trial or to refer the matter to the Court of Appeal in the appropriate province or territory. Lawyers in the Criminal Conviction Review Group (CCRG) review and investigate each application and make recommendations to the Minister.

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The Criminal Code gives the federal Minister of Justice the power to review a conviction under a federal law to determine whether there may have been a miscarriage of justice.

Conviction Review

You may apply if you have been convicted of an offence under a federal law or regulation.

The Review Process

A criminal conviction review process is an important component of a well-functioning justice system.

How to apply for Criminal Conviction Review

Preparing a conviction review application will take some time and effort from you.

Laws and Regulations

Laws and Regulations.

Criminal Conviction Review Forms

Criminal Conviction Review Forms.

Criminal Conviction Review

Criminal Conviction Review.