I’m afraid I’ll hurt someone

It’s scary to feel out of control. You may feel that your life is spinning away from you. That school, friends, and family are all dragging you down. That nothing is going right. That you have no choices.

When life gets too confusing, acting out can be a way of feeling back in charge of things … at least for a moment or two.

This is the time when teenagers may pick fights with brothers and sisters at home or get aggressive and physical with parents or grandparents. It can happen quickly. One minute you feel anger building and the next minute something has set you off and you’re slapping or punching someone. STOP.

Violence is not a way to solve your problems. You will hurt others and you will hurt yourself.

Here are ten safe things you can do instead of getting physical.

In the same way that it’s not OK for you to hit and hurt other people and members of your family, it’s not OK for you to touch other people in a sexual way that makes them uncomfortable. It’s never OK to use a child for a sexual purpose.

You may need to talk to someone if you find you’re angry often or can’t control your angry impulses and behavior.