When a victim reports an incident or criminal activity

Learn more about criminal charges, pro-active referrals, peace bonds and restitution.

Laying criminal charges

Learn about how a person is charged and how they are formally accused of committing the offence named in the charge.

Applying for a peace bond

Learn about how a victim who is afraid that an individual (the defendant) may harm them, or their children or their property can seek a peace bond or recognizance.

Documenting financial losses for restitution

Learn about how to document financial losses in case the court orders the offender to pay the victim for losses caused by the crimes the offender committed.


Learn about what happens when the police take a person into custody, or issue an appearance notice or a summons.


Learn about how the court decides whether to detain the accused person before the case is dealt with in court.


Learn about how the court can decide to release the accused person and may impose conditions on the accused.

No-contact order

Learn about how the court can order the accused not to contact victims, witnesses, or any other person identified in the order.