United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act - Guiding Questions

Guiding Questions: Presentation module
Guiding Questions

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The Act specifically outlines key areas that the Government of Canada must consult to meet the requirements of the Act.

The following series of questions are designed to help guide discussions related to each of the legal obligations contained in the Act.

The questions are designed to act as a starting point for engagement sessions and discussions. They are not meant to restrict or limit discussions or input submitted.

Section 5: Take “all measures necessary” to ensure consistency of federal laws with the Declaration

Section 6: Develop an action plan within two years of Royal Assent

The Act requires that the action plan include measures to:

Section 7: Prepare annual reports on progress to be tabled in Parliament

Additional themes and topics

Through 46 articles, the Declaration affirms and sets out a broad range of collective and individual rights that constitute the minimum standards to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples and to contribute to their survival, dignity and well-being. You may wish to discuss the following themes:

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