Divorce and Separation

If you separate or divorce, you will need to make many important decisions such as where you will live and how you will manage your finances. If you have children, their needs must be your priority. As a first step, learn about your rights and responsibilities. Some family laws are federal while others are provincial or territorial. It is important to understand which family laws apply to your situation.

If you are concerned about your safety during this emotional time, the Family Violence section of this website has information that might help you protect yourself and your children.

This website provides general information. Family law is complex. You are encouraged to contact a lawyer for help with family law issues.

The Divorce Act changes as of March 1, 2021. There are no changes to the grounds for divorce or how to apply for divorce. The biggest difference is the change in terminology. The Act now uses “parenting arrangements” (formerly known as “custody and access”) to describe where the children will live and how decisions about them will be made.

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About Divorce and Separation

A "separation" is when a couple decides to live apart from each other because the relationship has broken down.

Dividing Property

If you decide to separate or divorce, it can be very challenging to determine who should get what.

How to Apply for a Divorce

You need to apply to a court for a divorce.

The Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings

The Registry keeps nation-wide records of divorce applications filed after July 2, 1968.