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We are currently not accepting unsolicited funding proposals.

Funding opportunities under the Project Funding component of the Victims Fund are now closed.


The Federal Victims Strategy consolidates all federal government work related to victims of crime into one objective: to give victims a more effective voice in the criminal justice system.

The Victims Fund provides grants and contributions to support projects and activities that encourage the development of new approaches, promote access to justice, improve the capacity of service providers, foster the establishment of referral networks, and/or increase awareness of services available to victims of crime and their families.

The Victims Fund does not provide criminal injuries compensation for victims of crime.

Who is eligible?

Who can apply for this funding?


The objectives of the Victims Fund are to:


Current Priorities - Sexual violence and Restorative Justice

Funding is available for projects that align with current governmental priorities. The Victims Fund aims to improve access to justice and services for all victims of crime, with a particular focus on: 1) victims of sexual violence; and 2) victim-centred approaches to restorative justice.

  1. Victims of sexual violence: It is a current priority for the Department of Justice to address gender-based violence and support activities that will help enhance the criminal justice system's response to victims and survivors of sexual assault, improve their access to justice, increase their confidence in the justice system, and enhance victim services.
  2. Victim-centred approaches to restorative justice: It is a current priority for the Department of Justice to support projects that will advance the use of restorative justice approaches. The objective of this funding will be to give victims of crime greater voice and choice in the criminal justice system and support better outcomes for victims by increasing access to restorative justice processes that are trauma-informed and victim-centred.

What types of projects are we seeking under the current priorities?

Victims of sexual violence:

Victim-centred approaches to restorative justice:

What other types of projects qualify for funding?

Funding is available to encourage the development of approaches that aim to meet the needs of victims of crime. The types of projects that could receive funding include:

What types of activities are not eligible for project funding?

Points to Consider

What improves the chances of having a successful funding application?

The review of your application could take 4 to 6 months to complete. Please consider this in deciding the start date for your project.

Please respond to each question in the application/proposal form. Incomplete applications may result in delays and even in rejection of the application.

A project has a greater chance of securing funding if there are other partners, as well as demonstrated support from organizations in the community. Letters of support are required as part of a complete application.

When is the deadline to submit a funding application?

There is no deadline for submitting funding applications under this initiative. Proposals are approved, in part, based on the availability of funding.

How to Apply for Funding

To apply for funding, please request a Word version of the application form by contacting:

Official Languages

In support of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act, the Department is committed to facilitating the participation of official language minority communities and their organizations in the development and assessment of the Department's policies, programs and services having significant impact on the development of the communities; and to take measures to ensure that the Department of Justice's programs and services reach official language minority communities. In the context of project funding, these measures include:

Sustainable Development

The Department of Justice encourages applicants to submit proposals electronically. If you submit your application on paper, please consider printing on both sides of the paper. These actions will minimize environmental impacts.

Publications and Resources

What can I expect from a funding agreement?

The following guide is designed as a reference tool to help funding recipients better understand and comply with the financial requirements described in contribution agreements. It is recommended that recipients review this handbook at the onset of their funding agreements.

Contribution Funds for Non-Governmental Organizations, a Handbook

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Contact Information

Where is more information available?

For more information about the Victims Fund and how to apply for project funding, contact us:

Victims Fund Manager
Programs Branch
Department of Justice
284 Wellington Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0H8

Telephone: General Victims Fund: (613) 941-4193
Fax: (613) 954-4893