Crime and Abuse Against Seniors:
A Review of the Research Literature With Special Reference to the Canadian Situation


  1. The most recent Federal Government report focusing on elder abuse issues was conducted by the Senate of Canada. See: Special Senate Committee on Aging ((2009) Canada's Aging Population: Seizing the Opportunity (Final Report)Source:

  2. For more information see:

  3. The UCR2 is a survey that collects detailed information on individual criminal incidents reported to police including characteristics of victims, accused, and crime incidents. In 2006, data were collected from 149 police departments representing over 90 percent of Canada's population. The General Social Survey is a national survey conducted in cycles which are repeated at 5-year intervals. One of these cycles focuses on victimization, querying respondents about their experiences of victimization over the previous 12 months, as well as longer time frames. The sample for this survey is approximately 25,000 Canadians, 15 years of age and over. For more information on the UCR2 and GSS see:

  4. To further understand UCR2 as a collection instrument, please see: or visit