Elder Abuse On-line Quiz

True or False

  1. A legitimate company will give you a credit card or low-interest loan without making you fill out an application, even if financial institutions have turned you down in the past. True False

  2. If someone asks you to deposit or cash a cheque that later turns out to be fake, you do not have to pay back the bank. True False

  3. If someone puts a lot of pressure on you to sell your home for their benefit, that could be a form of financial abuse. True False

  4. Con artists are easy to spot. True False

  5. Con artists share the names and contact information of people they have stolen from with other con artists. True False

  6. A company has been working on several homes in your neighbourhood and it looks like they are doing a good job. That should be enough information for you to go ahead and hire them. True False

  7. It is safe to throw papers with personal information in the recycling bin. True False

  8. If your children will inherit from you, they have a right to demand money from you when they need it. True False

  9. You can have your pension cheques and other income deposited directly into your bank account. True False

  10. People are often too embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they have been the victim of financial fraud. True False

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