Treasury Board Portfolio
May 2010


The TBP LSU’s interfaces with the Department of Justice are satisfactory.

The TBP LSU’s interfaces differ for its two specialty legal areas. First, as the centre of expertise for labour and employment law, the LSU is consulted both to provide advisory services and to take the lead in defending the Crown against lawsuits in this area of law. Secondly, as experts in government operations and public management issues, counsel consult specialist headquarters sectors as needed for expert advice and opinions. Department of Justice regional offices and other DLSUs may consult the TBP LSU on the Financial Administration Act. The LSU’s lawyers described these interfaces as professional and advised that no changes were required. Interviews with a sample of lawyers at departmental headquarters and in other DLSUs revealed that they were satisfied with the interactions they had with the TBP LSU. They stated that they would not change any aspect of the relationship.

According to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Central Agencies Portfolio, consultation and information sharing by the TBP LSU has increased since she assumed her current position. Initially, she held bilateral meetings with each DLSU head every month. She now has a monthly meeting with the heads of all of the DLSUs in the Portfolio and periodic bilateral meetings as required.

It is the audit team’s opinion that the LSU’s interfaces with the Department of Justice are satisfactory.