Treasury Board Portfolio
May 2010


The TBP LSU is consulted on files that could have a legal issue.

The Senior General Counsel is a member of the TBS Executive Committee, has bilateral meetings with the Secretary of the Treasury Board, and attends Treasury Board meetings. He told the audit team that there are no restrictions on information sharing and that it is rare that the LSU is not consulted. LSU group managers have regular meetings with the senior managers within those sectors of the TBS for which they have responsibility. They also participate in the annual planning processes of individual TBS sectors. The LSU’s lawyers stated that the LSU is adequately consulted on files that have a legal issue, although requests for advisory services occasionally come in at the last minute.

It is our opinion that the TBP LSU is adequately consulted on files that could have a legal issue.

The TBP LSU’s clients are satisfied with the legal services provided by the LSU.

As noted earlier, SPPM conducts a client feedback survey every three years. The survey solicits feedback on the responsiveness, timeliness, and usefulness of DLSU services. The 2009 survey of the TBP LSU showed a very high degree of positive client feedback that meets or surpasses Department of Justice targets. Overall quality was rated as excellent. The results for individual components were:

Client representatives interviewed by the audit team stated that they were satisfied with the TBP LSU’s service delivery and would not change any aspect of their relationship with the LSU’s lawyers.

It is the audit team’s opinion that the LSU’s services to its clients are satisfactory.