Staffing/Resourcing Function
June 2011

Appendix A – Audit methodology

The criteria for the audit were based on:

  • Treasury Board’s Management Accountability Framework;
  • other guidance from the TBS on auditing management frameworks;
  • guidance from the PSC on auditing the staffing function.

Information to support the findings of this audit was obtained through the following methods:

  • interviews with staffing practitioners from Corporate Programs and Client Operations and Senior Management Services divisions;
  • interviews with senior departmental managers with staffing sub-delegation;
  • a review of the following documentation for the two divisions:
    • Departmental Risk Profile and departmental plans (e.g. HR, employment equity, classification renewal, staffing);
    • objectives and work plans;
    • policies, procedures, and other work instruments;
    • agendas and minutes of management meetings;
    • reports, analyses, and tables reporting on departmental staffing activities;
  • bulletins, directives, and other instructions;
  • a high-level benchmarking exercise with two federal departments.
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