Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter No. 2

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Word of welcome

Welcome to the new issue of the Justice in Official Languages Newsletter. This issue is dedicated to the challenges involved in acquiring and maintaining language skills in the official minority language in the field of justice.

If justice stakeholders are unable to express themselves in both official languages, people involved with the system will find it difficult to exercise their language rights. Since the creation of the Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Support Fund in 2003, the Department of Justice Canada has continued to focus on the importance of language training for the various stakeholders in the justice system.

This issue looks at certain measures that have been taken to foster the development of language training adapted to the specific needs of justice system stakeholders. In addition, this training will soon include the use of new technology, particularly interactive tools.

During the 2010-11 fiscal year, the Department of Justice Canada invested more than four million dollars in contributions to move the justice in official languages issue forward. The Newsletter provides a summary of some of the funded projects.

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The JOL Team