Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter No. 8

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In March 2013, the Government of Canada renewed its commitment to promoting Canada’s official languages and enhancing the vitality of official language minority communities. The Roadmap for Canada’s Official Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communities (2013-2018 Roadmap) calls for a renewed investment of $1.1 billion over five years and capitalizes on the social and economic benefits for Canadians of having two official languages. This new federal strategy focuses on three priority areas: education, immigration and community support.

For the Department of Justice Canada and its Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Support Initiative, the 2013-2018 Roadmap includes investments in two key areas. The investment under the Education component will allow the Department to continue working with justice professionals to offer services to Canadians in both official languages, thereby helping to make the justice system more accessible. The investment under the Communities component will enable the Department to support projects and initiatives that help Canadians find legal information in the official language of their choice.

This issue presents an outline of the strategy that the Department has developed in light of the federal strategy. Upcoming issues of the Newsletter will provide additional details on the Department’s priorities.

In this issue you will meet the new Director and General Counsel of the Office of Francophonie, Justice in Official Languages and Legal Dualism, Michel Francoeur, who has been on the job since November 2012.

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The Justice in Official Languages Team