Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter No. 9

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In our June 2013 newsletter, we outlined the strategy developed by the Department of Justice Canada to meet the requirements of the Roadmap for Canada's Official Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communities.

In this issue, we present one of the two areas of intervention which the Department has chosen to promote the delivery of direct services and concrete results for Canadians in terms of access to justice in official languages: Training. The primary focus of this component is to intensify efforts to improve the ability of those working in the justice system to deliver services in both official languages. A subsequent issue will focus on the second area of intervention: Information.

For several years now, the Department of Justice Canada has been working with key partners in government and beyond to help improve contextappropriate access to justice services in both official languages. Ensuring access to justice is an integral part of the Department's role in supporting the Minister in working to ensure that Canada has an accessible system and achieving it requires partnerships with key justice system stakeholders. The administration of justice is a matter of shared jurisdiction with the provinces and territories, and the Department is working with its partners in accordance with this shared responsibility.

The following pages highlight two projects that illustrate the effectiveness of partnerships in working towards the common goal of access to justice in both official languages. These projects still hold untapped potential, which may contribute even further to the attainment of our objective.

We hope you will not hesitate to contact the members of the Justice in Official Languages Team to discuss innovative ideas on access to justice in official languages.

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The Justice in Official Languages Team