Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter No 13

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How can we improve access to justice in both official languages? It is a question that calls for numerous answers. Indeed, there is no single solution that applies in all cases. The ways to improve access are as diverse as the people involved in designing and implementing them.

Whether it is through the Network of Stakeholders Working in the Field of Justice and Security, a pilot project that seeks to provide a seamless access to justice in French or the creation of justice information hubs, the articles in this edition present initiatives that all aim for the same goal, while using different methods.

In Capsule 41, you will meet Daryl Schatz, Regional Director of the Prairie Region Business and Regulatory Law Portfolio and Section 41 Coordinator in Saskatchewan.

Also, don’t miss an interview with our summer student, a look at some promising projects funded by the Department, an article on Linguistic Duality Day, as well as the OLQuiz, which deals with organizations representing official language minority communities!

Happy reading!

The Justice in Official Languages Team of the Official Languages Directorate