The Legal Problems of Everyday Life - The Nature, Extent and Consequences of Justiciable Problems Experienced by Canadians

Appendix B: Sample Completion Results

A total of 6,665 interviews were completed for this survey. The margin of error for a sample of this size is +/- 1.2 percentage points, 19 times in 20. The margins are wider for regional and demographic sub-samples. The effective response rate for the survey is 13 percent: the number of completed interviews (6,665) divided by the total dialed sample (66,200) minus the non-valid/non-residential numbers, the numbers not in service and the numbers that presented a language barrier (14,915). The actual completion rate is 23 percent: the number of completed interviews(6,665) divided by the number of qualified respondents contacted directly (29,009).




A) Total dialled sample 66,200 100
Not eligible/quota full 286 *
Non residential/NIS 12,511 19
Language barrier 2,118 3
B) Subtotal 14,915 23
C) New base (A - B) 51,285 100
D) No answer/line busy/respondent not available/callbacks/answering machine 22,276 43
Refusals and mid-interview terminations 22,344 45
E) Subtotal 44,620 87
F) Net completions (C - E) 6,665 13
Completion rate [F/(C - D) x 100]   23

* Fewer than one percent

Note: percentages may not sum exactly due to rounding.