Evaluation of the B.C. Family Maintenance Enforcement Program's Pilot Outreach Project



FMEP Information Session Feedback Form

Completion of this form is voluntary. The information you are providing on this form will be used by the BC Ministry of Attorney General and the federal Department of Justice to assess the value of information you received about maintenance payments and enforcement provided by the Family Maintenance and Enforcement Program. Please fill out the form before leaving the meeting and return it to the meeting coordinator. Your name is not requested so all your answers are confidential.

  1. What was the date of this meeting?
  2. Where did you attend the meeting? (Name of city or town)
  3. When did you start receiving income assistance?
  4. Do you presently have a maintenance order or a written agreement?
    • Yes - What year was your Maintenance Order finalized?
    • No
  5. If you have a maintenance order are you currently enrolled in FMEP?
    • Yes - How long have you been enrolled? years
    • No
  6. Please list the ages of your children
  7. If you are already a recipient of maintenance payments, how would you describe the frequency of payments that you now receive?
    • Have not received any payments
    • Receive payments occasionally
    • Receive payments often
    • Receive regular payments EXACTLY as required by the Maintenance Order
  8. Before attending this session what questions or concerns did you have about enrolment in the Family Maintenance Enforcement program and the enforcement of maintenance?

  9. How helpful was the FMEP information provided to you at this meeting? Please use the 7 point scale below: 1 = not helpful, 7 = very helpful.
    How helpful was the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program
  10. How do you rate the following aspects of the meeting? (Please rate only the part of the meeting dealing with the enforcement of maintenance orders).
    Aspect of Client Meeting
  11. How could a presentation by FMEP for other MHR recipients be improved in the future?