Justice Data Modernization Initiative

The Justice Data Modernization Initiative (JDMI) is a data and research initiative led by Justice Canada and Statistics Canada to improve the collection and use of disaggregated data, in view of addressing the overrepresentation of Indigenous, Black and racialized people in the criminal justice system.

There is a long-standing need for more disaggregated data and innovative research to help inform policy responses to this serious and complex issue. Disaggregated data is data that has been divided into smaller groupings, often based on population characteristics. Disaggregated data is important as it provides more information on the experiences of specific population groups, such as Indigenous, Black and racialized people. It supports decision-making that is fair and inclusive.

The JDMI was created as part of the 2021 federal Budget investments in a more equal Canada.

What we’re doing

Justice Canada is commissioning and conducting research that supports action to address the overrepresentation of Indigenous, Black and racialized people in the criminal justice system. This includes research that will provide an understanding of the role that all social sectors, governments, and communities can play in supporting well-being and reducing criminalization.

Statistics Canada is working with federal, provincial, and territorial governments, as well as other stakeholders on a national framework for measuring overrepresentation in the criminal justice system to monitor progress.

The JDMI will provide governments and communities with better data and evidence on what programs and policies work to prevent crime and victimization and to reduce overrepresentation. Taking action within the criminal justice system alone is not enough to reduce overrepresentation. Innovative and cross-sectoral data and research are needed to inform creative, collaborative and tailored actions that will reduce overrepresentation by investing in people and communities.

Under the JDMI, research will be conducted in collaboration with external researchers, academics, and organizations led by Indigenous, Black and racialized communities.

How to connect with us

Want to know more or have questions about this initiative? Connect with us by contacting the Research and Statistics Division at: rsd-drs@justice.gc.ca.

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