JustResearch Edition no. 9

Figure 1: A comparison of homicide counts in Canada (1970-1997)

The left Y axis represents number of homicides and increases in increments of 100 from 0 to 800. The right Y axis represents the difference between the number of mortalities provided by the HS and MD and increases in increments of 50 from 0 to 350.

The X axis is divided into years and lists the years 1970-1997, from left to right.

The line graph demonstrates that the overall number of homicides provided by both indexes increased from 1970 to 1977 and then decreased slightly until 1980. The number of homicides continued to increase, with a small decrease in 1985, followed by another spike in 1991 followed by an increase until 1997. The bar graph shows that the difference between the two indexes has been relatively steady; the smallest absolute differences were seen from 1971 to 1973, with an absolute difference of approximately 25. The largest absolute difference between the two indexes was in 1985, at approximately 170 and in 1997, at approximately 150.