JustResearch Edition no. 13

Rights vs. Marriage: The Same-Sex Marriage Debate Continues Majority (55%) View Same-sex Couple Recognition as Positive

Figure 1 : Majority (55%) view same-sex couple recognition as positive

Figure 1, horizontal bar chart representing percentage of individuals who stated that the recognition of same-sex couples is positive, negative and who did not know in February 2005 and August 2003.

Long Description

The x axis is measured in percentages and increases in increments of twenty-five from 0 to 100.

The bar graph demonstrates the percentage of individuals who indicated the recognition of same-sex couples as positive, negative or who did not know.

In February 2005:

In August 2003:

Question: Which of the following statements comes closer to your point of view?
Source: EKOS Research Associates, media release, February 12, 2005.