JustResearch Edition no. 13


The National Clearinghouse on Family Violence

On behalf of the Government of Canada and its Family Violence Initiative (FVI), the Public Health Agency of Canada operates the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (NCFV). The NCFV is Canada's resource centre for information on violence within relationships of kinship, intimacy, dependency, or trust.

The Office for Disabilities Issues

The Office for Disability Issues (ODI) is the focal point within the Government of Canada for key partners working to promote the full participation of Canadians with disabilities in learning, work, and community life.

Policy Centre for Victim Issues

The Policy Centre for Victim Issues at the Department of Justice Canada is mandated to work towards increasing the confidence of victims of crime in the criminal justice system by pursuing a range of activities and initiatives to: make victims more aware of their role in the criminal justice system and the laws, services, and assistance applicable to them; increase overall awareness about the needs of victims of crime and effective approaches in Canada and internationally; and improve the ability of the Department of Justice to develop laws and policy that take into consideration the perspectives of victims.