JustResearch Issue 15

Figure 1: Map of Study Regions

This is a map of Canada that illustrates the fifteen geographic regions studied in this research.

The fifteen geographic regions are represented on the map by a number ranging from one to fifteen.

The fifteen numbers correspond to the following geographic regions:

  1. Lower Fraser River Valley , British Columbia
  2. Central British Columbia, British Columbia
  3. Western Mackenzie Drainage Basin, British Columbia/ Yukon
  4. Wabasca-Desmarais Settlement Area, Alberta
  5. Northeastern Alberta, Alberta
  6. Great Slave Lake , Northwest Territories
  7. Lower North Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan
  8. Cumberland Lake , Manitoba/ Saskatchewan
  9. Northern Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
  10. Lake of the Woods , Ontario
  11. James Bay , Ontario
  12. Outaouais River , Quebec
  13. Northern New Brunswick , New Brunswick
  14. Southern Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia
  15. Côte Nord, Quebec