Community-based Sentencing

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This infographic presents data collected via the 2016 and 2017 National Justice Survey (NJS) which explored community-based sentencingFootnote 1 (NJS 2016 N=1,863 and NJS 2017 N= 2,019).

74% supported community-based sentences for offenders found guilty of non-violent crimes.

A pie chart that displays 66% with a description below that says: 66% thought that community-based responses to crime would result in greater efficiency in the criminal justice system.

73% believed that greater focus on community-based responses would reduce crime.

Six in ten thought that community-based responses would lower levels of reoffending, increase safety and result in lasting protection for the public.

When presented with 3 scenarios depicting various offencesFootnote 2, most Canadians (77%-86%)Footnote 3 believed that offenders should receive a sentence other than incarceration (probation, fines, house arrest).